The clock is ticking. After coming together for a last-minute deal to prevent a shutdown of the United States government this weekend, the clock on a government shutdown has been reset to 45 days.

If both sides of the aisle can't come together over the next 45 days to agree on a new government spending deal, we could see every single national park in New York State get shut down.  

Now that the government has passed a temporary spending bill, the national parks will remain open, but if over the next 45 days a deal can't be agreed one, employees at the national parks in New York State will be furlonged and that means all the parks will shut down.

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There are currently 27 national parks in New York State. Some of the parks include Niagara Falls Park, The Adirondack Park, Fire Island Lighthouse, Ellis Park, and the National Parks of New York Habor.

For all the outdoor lovers across New York, let's hope that Congress can agree on a new deal in the next 45 days.

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