So, when you think of vacation spots what comes to mind?  A trip to New York's lovely Adirondacks?  Or an adventure in New York City?
Wooden house at Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, Canada
According to the Wall Street Journal 'the' spot the hip folks are going is:

Summit Prairie, a vacation home atop a tower deep in the Oregon wilderness, doesn’t have many amenities. There’s no Wi-Fi, no TV, no clock. It’s about an hour from gas and groceries.

So the cost to totally unplug-$600 dollars a night.  Gulp!

Get this, with Summit Prairie your nearest bathroom is actually an outhouse four flights of outside stairs. But, visitors are welcome to use a funnel 'attached to the deck' so they don't have to go outside, it will cost 100 dollars extra!

So thoughts?  Has it really come to this?  We are so overwhelmed with technology and people that we now crave a will pay thousands of dollars for a total complete detox.

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