If you own and ride a motorcycle in New York State, today is the deadline to renew your registration for 2024.

All motorcycle registrations expire today and if you haven't all ready renewed for this year, you have until 6 pm tonight to get it done.


According to the DMV website, you can renew your registration online.

You will be able to register online in New York State if you have the following information"

Your registration (plate) number – see where to find your plate number
Your registration class – see where to find your registration class
The last name of the person on the registration (or business name)
A credit or pinless debit card to pay the fee– the fee is on your renewal notice and will display on your computer screen if you use the online renewal

You can also renew your registration in person at any DMV in New York State. You can find the DMV closest to you HERE.

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Unlike most other motor vehicles, motorcycles are registered for one year rather than two, and all motorcycle registrations expire on April 30th.


There are some special rules that you must follow if you plan on riding on a motorcycle in New York State.

All motorcycle operators and passen­gers must wear approved motorcycle helmets.

All motorcycle operators must wear approved eye protection even if the motorcycle has a windshield.

The headlight and rear light of the motorcycle must be on at all times when you operate on the road.

Motorcyclists can use a full lane and can ride two abreast in a single lane. You cannot ride abreast of another vehicle in the same lane, between lanes or between traffic and parked cars.

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