Have you noticed that your car registration sticker from your renewal hasn't come in the mail? How long ago did you pay for the renewal and still haven't received the new sticker?

Have you thought about trying to contact the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle to see where the new sticker is? Have you tried calling? Relax. Ha, "relax" and the "DMV" probably don't ever belong in the same sentence, right?

Apparently, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle is also one of the million places throughout the United States that has been affected by 'global supply issues.' Yep, the same thing that is keeping cat food off the shelves, toilet paper, and chicken tenders, is also affecting whether or not you can get the up-to-date registration sticker for your car.

The DMV just acknowledged this 'shortage' last week. What does this shortage mean? It means that 400,000 people are also in the same boat that you are in.

What do you do? Can you get a ticket for this?

The cops (authorities) know what is going on with the DMV, however, you can still get pulled over for expired registration. When you get the notice from DMV (when you renew online) make sure to keep a copy of that with you in your car, just in case.

The DMV does expect to be able to get the current or new registration stickers that it owns to vehicles owners all caught up just after the first of 2022. In this particular case, as in so many other things that have been happening since the beginning of the pandemic, bring your patience. I am renewing my registration in three weeks. I'll keep you up-to-date, on its status as well.

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