Well, I love all genre's of music. I listen to just about anything... BUT... I adore the band NOTHINGMORE and was able to meet them, TODAY!



I am unbelievably blessed for the life I have. I am so thankful for everything good and bad that has happened to me. The band, Nothingmore and more specifically, the song, "Ballast" helped me get through my awful divorce. We all have that "go to" song when those things happen and this was "that" song... You can check it out here: (Warning... It is considered "heavy metal")

Well, I got to meet Jonny Hawkins and the rest of the band. They were super nice guys and even sang with me, chatted about pre-show rituals, his beliefs, his grandma; it was just so amazing!

I feel like if you have ever been blessed to meet a band that has gotten you through that tough part of your life, and they are nice guys... it is just an added bonus! It makes the experience so much better! So, here it is, a picture of myself and Jonny Hawkins... the lead singer of Nothingmore


What famous band have you met? Where they nice? Have you ever had a bad experience with a celeb? P.S. This dude is totally ripped...  I wish I had abs like his....



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