The Bakers Men Buffalo, owned and operated by Brian Muffoletto and Nick Napierala is a New York State health inspected home bakery located in Lancaster NY.

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What's unique about the two gentlemen that run this enterprise is that by day, they are meek, mild-mannered elementary school teachers but by night they turn into a super baking duo.

According to their website:

Bakers Men Buffalo specializes in custom decorated sugar cookies and bakery-style gourmet cookies.

And where exactly did the unusual name of the bakery come from? It was inspired by the nursery rhyme “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, bakers man” combined with the fact that the two grew up and lived their lives here in the Western New York area.

The unique little bakery has not just won the hearts of Western New has taken note nationally.

Something to mark on your calendar, November 16th 2020 @10 PM, Tune in to Food Network to watch Brian from The Bakers Men Buffalo compete against 4 amazing bakers for the $10,000 cash prize!

96.1 The Breeze listener Claudia Stachura sent us an email telling us about the dynamic teaching/baking duo and suggesting them for our "Tell Me Something Good" feature.

Claudia said...

I am not related to them in any way, just a faithful customer. You would just love them if you met them.

Brian a second-grade elementary school teacher took time to talk with us before classes began today.

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