I was so honored to be a guest judge for the Lancaster/Depew Boys and Girls Club Annual Talent Show! These kids definitely have talent!



I was a celebrity Judge at the Lancaster/ Depew Boys and Girls Club. I was absolutely honored that they asked me. 


I wasn't the only celebrity Judge... There were 4 others!


These kids definitely have talent. From singing, acting, dancing, and even a gymnastics routine. They got the crowd up and clapping and grooving along. It was so much fun!

I couldn't believe that the President of Lancaster/Depew Boys and Girls club is Amelia:


The winner of the competition definitely deserved it! She sang the song, "Hallelujah" and nailed it! So much so that I actually cried! Such an amazing voice!

Everyone meet Hailey Eichenseer


You will definitely see her on TV if she keeps it up! Such an amazing talent!

What was really cool about the event is I had all these kids who listen to the Dave & Melody show and professed how much of a fan they were of mine...

What they don't know is how much of a fan I am of theirs! Great job kiddos!


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