It's not Christmas in my household without making Christmas cookies.



Every year since Amber was two years old, we have been making Christmas cookies. It is sort of odd because growing up in my house, we never did. We always went to Lyndell's Bakery and just bought the Italian cookies. (This was in Boston, Ma where I grew up.)

I thought to myself, why not create my own family tradition? That's what it is really about. Every year we make them and every year they get better and better.

Amber loves to decorate the cookies and leave a few saved for Santa. This year, she even wrote his name on a cookie. (She couldn't do that in years past because it is hard to write with those frosting tips.)

amber 1
amber 2
cookies 3
mel n ambs 1

I was super proud with how they came out.

Have you created new family traditions? Do you switch yours up?

Either way, you gotta have fun with the kiddos!



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