Melody and her daughter joined Angela Christoforo's from Channel 4 in the production of The Nutcracker.



The Greater Niagara Ballet Company put on their production of The Nutcracker over the weekend and it was absolutely incredible. Miss Karen who works at Townsquare with our LIVE events has been part of this event for many years and she always plays the grandma.

This was the first theater production my daughter has ever been in. The entire staff welcomed her with open arms. From a Mom who did her hair and make up, to Miss Karen helping her with her costume. She absolutely loved it!

I was also in the production  which was amazing to share the stage with my daughter. It was so much fun.

If that wasn't cool enough, we also got the opportunity to be in it with Angela Christoforos of Channel 4. She is always so sweet and chatted with Amber about school, dance, and how lucky she is to have a Mom like me. (Seriously, I am the lucky one to have an amazing daughter like her.)


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