I love CYBER Monday! These deals are off the hook!



1. Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit- This shrinks your clothes by 70 percent which leaves way more room in your suitcase.  You can purchase it here: 

2. Indoor HDTV Antenna- You can buy it here:

3. Platinum Sonic Toothbrush and Sanitizer: (You had me at sanitizer) You can purchase this here: 

4. 6 port HIGH speed charger: This is a must have! You had me at high speed and charger. You can purchase this here: 

So, what are you buying on Cyber Monday? Personally, I am all about shopping online this time of year. Obviously, there are some things you need to go into a store to shop for, but there is nothing like shopping on your lunch break, or waiting in line grabbing your coffee in the morning. Either way, don't miss out on these deals!


Happy Shopping!


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