If you are a parent, you can relate to how I feel.



My daughter had her Christmas recital over the weekend. I look forward to it every year. She loves to dance and I love to watch her dance. She has such charisma and sass that I can't keep my eyes off of her!

She has been battling an Achilles injury and she got cleared to dance in the Christmas recital. I was nervous to see if she would miss any steps and she didn't! Amber didn't miss a beat!

Amber had 4 costume changes in an hour and kudos to me, her Mom, for running around in heels, making sure she changes into the right one, doing her hair and make up and preparing her for the stage. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Amber dances at Eugenia's Dance Studio and the director and teachers really prepares the students for the stage, and allows them to have the confidence they need to succeed. I love watching Amber dance and love to see her passion for it. I am so proud of her!

I adore this pic as she is looking at me through the corner of her eye...



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