Every weekday morning at 8:10 we do a feature on 96.1 The Breeze called "Tell Me Something Good". Today we highlighted a poem, but not just any poem, one that aptly, and subtly describes the author, Leslie Dwight's thoughts on the year 2020...and should give us all reason to pause and reflect.

Written by Leslie Dwight, the aspiring writer said...

"My writing, in general, is very personal to me," Dwight, now 23, told TODAY. "I think that people are feeling that lack of hope, but they need to remember it is still there. I totally understand getting to that point of depression or having a tough time just in general."

"It can be hard to understand the importance of these dark times in the grand scheme of things, but going through my own struggles really shaped me into the person that I am today. It actually made me so much stronger and prepared me for so much and changed me as a person."

Dwight's link in bio instructs fans and followers on how they can help the "Black Lives Matter" movement, including how they can donate to various organizations or black-owned businesses that are working towards true change.


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