One of the first signs of Spring, the Kentucky Derby, is happening this weekend– and parties will be popping up all over Buffalo. 

Whether or not you decide to place bets or wear fancy hats, no Kentucky Derby party is complete without the event’s signature cocktail: the mint julep

A mint julep, traditionally made with bourbon, simple syrup, fresh mint, and shaken over ice, is a refreshing and delicious cocktail any day of the year. But there’s something about sipping on a julep while watching sprinting horses with crazy names that makes the day even more special. 

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For the 150th annual Kentucky Derby, one local Buffalo business is taking the mint julep to the next level, attempting to break an insane world record in the process. 

Will A Local Buffalo Business Make The Biggest Mint Julep Ever?

Hartman’s Distilling Co., a popular Buffalo-based distillery located on Chicago Street, is going above and beyond for this year’s Kentucky Derby. Let’s just say, you’d better be thirsty. 

For their annual Kentucky Derby party, Hartman’s will concoct a colossal 5-foot, 207 gallon mint julep to share with their patrons. The astonishing feat is an attempt to break the world record for the largest mint julep cocktail. 

Considering the enormous drink weighs in at 1 ton, we think they’ve got this in the bag! 

Additionally, $1 from every mint julep from the massive batch will benefit the Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center, which uses horseback riding to give children with special needs a better quality of life. 

It’s a good thing Hartman’s makes their own bourbon, because they’re going to need a lot of it. Good luck, Hartman’s - we’re rooting for you (and we can’t wait to start sipping)!

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