Warm weather is here and that means ice cream season is in full swing.

There is nothing better than getting some ice cream on a warm or hot day. It not only tastes amazing, but it also helps cool you down as well.

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Both there is one ice cream order that is better than any other, at least in my opinion.

As a kid growing up in West Seneca, New York, our weekly trip to get ice cream with my family is something that my brothers always looked forward to. There was one spot that my dad loved to go and I would always get the same treat.

If you love ice cream and want something slightly different, a Twist cone with cherry dip is the way to go.

As a kid, you would get that crunchy candy cherry shell that would crack as you licked up the ice cream. The dip would also crack as it warmed up and ice cream used to ooze out like slow-moving lava from a volcano.

Every week my parents would take me to Kone King on Cente Road in West Seneca. When I grew up and moved away, I could never find an ice cream dip that matched Kone King's. I tried several different ones and while they were good, they weren't Kone Kings.

When I moved back to Buffalo, the first place I took my son after his first soccer practice was the place my dad used to take me. Sure enough, 15 or so years later the soft serve twist cone with cherry dip is the best ice cream you can get in New York!

Just check out this photo and try not to tell me that you are not craving one of these right now!

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2023
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2023

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