That's right! I had a phenomenal weekend and guess what I did?



Sometimes, we need to recharge our batteries. It is key for our own sake and mentality. This weekend, I had the pleasure to hang out with Dave and his wonderful family at Darien Lake. Pictures and video can be seen on our social media pages. But it was so nice to chill out by the fire and experience all that Darien Lake has to offer.

On Saturday, I was at Northtown Honda for their 99 days of Summer sale and it was so awesome interacting with the peeps there, playing games, and giving out prizes. I just love it!

When that was over, I did some Summer cleaning in my apartment. I never did a big Spring cleaning so this was my chance. The weather was sort of questionable, so I utilized my time by organizing drawers, throwing out old stuff that we no longer use, and just relaxing at home.

I ended my night with a glass of wine watching the rain fall on my porch. It was just so nice. I even wrote a new song. (I LOVE THE SONGWRITING PROCESS)

Sunday morning was spent catching up with work stuff and paperwork and again just sipping some coffee and chilling out.

Johnny Cash said it best about his version of paradise, "Coffee with her!"

Drink up, Buffalo!

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