I was also a celebrity judge for WNY's Got Talent along with some really cool celebs!



Alongside me was punter for The Buffalo Bills Colton Schmidt, then local author and movie celebrity Roselyn Kasmire. Roselyn was in The Purge 3.


Not only were there singers, dancers, kids that played the piano, ukulele, and guitar, there were gymnastic performers, and even Ben who hoola hooped his way to third place.


Some of the other vocalists was even a teacher that conducts voice lessons. Here is Victoria rockin the mic.


There were kids of all ages that participated in the competition. It was tough to judge this one because the talent was fierce.

I was the first judge to ring the Blue Buzzer. This automatically places the person in the finals. Kenize blew me away with her vocal skills and ended up being the winner of $500.00. She put on a great show while maintaining her technique and staying in key.


Great job to everyone!!!!

Thanks Mel for having me judge this. If you are interested in guitar, voice, or acting contact Mel's School of Music!


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