Summer in Buffalo is absolutely amazing! So many fun things to do. There are the top 4 Summer hazards you NEED to watch out for...



Other than facing a sunburn and potential drowning, there are four health hazards that you NEED to be aware of.

1. Eyeball sunburns. I know this sounds crazy, but it is true. Use good UV sunglasses to combat this. It only takes a few hours and can cause cataracts.

2. E. Coli Bacteria. In WNY we are all very well aware of this. Last year the beaches were always closed due to bacteria and recently Olcott had to close because of E. Coli. This is the fecal matter of humans and animals.

3. Food Poisoning. This is due to under cooking meat on the grill. More so, people leave those potato salads out baking in the hot sun.

4. Dehydration. More over... Alcohol related dehydration. It is a lot easier to get dehydrated when it is hot outside, add alcohol to the mix and you're in trouble. My suggestion? For every drink you have, have a glass of water after. Problem solved!

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