If you're looking to find a nice short-term rental, bed and breakfasts, or other place to stay that's not a hotel in the Town of Lewiston, you better start looking elsewhere as things are changing in the town very soon.

The Niagara County town with just less than 16,000 residents is joining a growing list of municipalities in the 716 that are moving to change how short-term rentals like AirBNB can operate. Some regions, like Buffalo, have strict rules on how they can operate, while others have outright banned them.

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In a surprise move originally reported by WGRZ-TV, the Lewiston, New York, Town Board voted 3 - 2 to ban short-term rentals. Not only did they ban short-term rentals using services like Airbnb and Vrbo, but they have effectively banned all short-term non-hotel rentals, like bed and breakfasts.

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According to the verbiage included in the new local law, the town has moved to do this to various complaints. Things like noise, damage to personal and real property, poor upkeep of structures, large gatherings and/or parties, parking issues, debris, garbage left out at the curb for long periods, late night disturbances and other public nuisances.

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Residents and businesses in the town that have short-term rentals now have 30 days to cease operations and cancel any pending bookings.

I'm sure we haven't heard the end of this story, as this may put several people out of business or severely impact their finances.

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