Sometimes you just want to get away from work, neighbors, and the stress of everyday life.

There is a remote cabin available for rent that will let you and the family escape and reconnect with nature.

This cabin is located on 90 acres of land and gives you the peace and quiet that you are looking for.

Located just inside Houghton New York, this Airbnb rental is just under a 90-minute drive from Buffalo.

According to the post on Airbnb this is the perfect place to get some alone time away from the hustle and bustle of life.

A semi-remote, off-the-grid, newly constructed comfortable 14' x 24' cabin with an 8' x 14' porch. Solar-powered with running hot water and heat. Located on 90 acres of recreational and hunting land. The electricity is sourced from an on-site solar system.


Again this is a place you want to go to if you want to get away from it all. While there is electricity, you don't want to bring the iPads or other electronic devices. This is the place to head out to if you want to enjoy the sounds of nature and all that comes with it.

You won't be totally off the grid, there is a propane fireplace and water stored in a 300-gallon tank that gives you a good supply of water for showering and cooking. There is a queen bed for sleeping and bunk beds available as well.

While off the grid, this private cabin is near plenty of things to do. The Cabin is located 1 mile from Rushford Lake, 4 miles from Allegheny Hills Golf Course, and is also near Letchworth State Park.

You can book your stay for around $110 a night HERE.

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