Prayers going to the driver of this tractor trailer that got in an accident on Thursday night. It was a very scary sight to see as the tractor tipped over the guard rail. The tractor was completely filled with poo.

The accident happened right on the 90 by Ransom Road in Lancaster.

The accident happened yesterday afternoon on the way home from work.  All eastbound lanes of the 90 between exit 49 and exit 48A were closed and traffic was really held up.

No word on the condition of the driver.

EXTRA: Over the years we have seen a lot of different things fall off the back of trucks and cars onto the 90. Some of the most memorable ones were:

1.) A truckload of bananas and other fruits fell right off onto the 90.

2.) On Niagara Falls Boulevard there was a truck transporting leftover deer parts after hunting season and dropped DOZENS of deer hoves.

3.) The amount of mattresses that have been on the 90 over the years has been significant.

4.) Most recently, one of the most interesting situations is when a tractor-trailer didn't have enough clearance to go under one of the bridges and it broke the truck, letting thousands of cans of alfredo sauce all over the Thruway.

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