The rules of the road are written out.  You can actually find them if you are unsure.  But somehow, some drivers still don't follow them.

I want to be clear.  You may have seen some posts or articles about "unwritten rules of the road" in New York.  This is NOT that list.  These rules are actually written down.  They're in black and white.

How many times have you been driving and had to ask yourself where in the world the person in the other car got their license from?  They're either cutting you off or stopping in front of you for what seems like no reason. Somewhere along the way, they were taught incorrectly or they just forgot what they were taught and have been doing it wrong for so long that they believe that the way they are driving is the law.

When you try to teach someone else how to drive is when you realize how little you might remember from your days of learning.  If whoever it is that you're teaching asks a question that you can't answer, it might be time to head over to this website to go over the actual rules of the road again.  It happened to me when my daughter was learning to drive and I'm about to go through it again with my son in just a few weeks.

There are a ton of things that people do on the roads that drive other drivers crazy.  Here's just a list of a couple that we came up with.  The good news is that I've already looked up the actual rule of what you're supposed to do in those situations.  Be many of these have you been doing incorrectly?

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