Due to a massive geomagnetic storm, the Northern Lights were visible pretty much all across New York State on Friday.

That leads to plenty of people heading out with the cameras and snapping some amazing photos.


Check out some of the photos taken from across New York State.



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If you missed seeing the Northern Lights on Friday, you will have a chance to see them again tonight. There is a good chance that the southern line of the Northern Lights will remain in New York State.

Photo Credit: NOAA
Photo Credit: NOAA

The geomagnetic storm that is impacting us this weekend is the largest storm since 2005.

Northern Lights Over Missouri on May 10, 2024

Gallery Credit: Doc Holliday, Townsquare Media

4 Super Fun Facts About Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights put on quite the show when they do appear. Living in the Gem State, you will have the opportunity to see the brightest colors.

Here are four fun facts you may not know about the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

cc: Farmers Almanac

Gallery Credit: Megan Shaul

Listener-Submitted Photos Of The Incredible Northern Lights Show On September 18, 2023

The forecast called for the potential of a pretty great Northern Lights show across Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin for Monday night, September 18, 2023. The sky didn't disappoint! Here are some beautiful photos submitted by listeners from across the Northland.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper



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