A six-year-old in the Ken-Ton School District is working to help the homeless in our community and he's raised more than $2,000 in cash and supplies to do it.

Noah Copps is in kindergarten at Hoover Elementary. We've learned from a story aired on WKBW-TV he's collecting items to put together bags for the homeless.

He was outside the Target in North Buffalo with him mom when he saw a homeless man. There was a bag of donated items in their car, so Noah asked his mom if he could give the bag the homeless man.

He told his mom, afterward how it made him feel to help others. He then decided he wanted to collect more things they could use and making more bags.

"Sanitizers, granola bars and tissues," explained Noah. "We have two masks, a gift card, and some wipes. And these are the small ones (bags) that fit in your purse."

Noah's Mom commented:

"Any time your child says I want to make the world a better place in any way that they can, you should try to help them," said Noah's mom Kelly Copps.

Noah is putting together the bags by hand, with the help of his Mom, and giving them to friends and family to keep in their cars, just in case they see someone in need, like Noah and his Mom did.

If you want to donate to Noah's Homeless Helpers - you can Venmo Noah's mom. Her Venmo is @kelly-copps, and she says all of the money will go directly to creating the bags and getting them into the hands of those in need.

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