It looks like we will finally have some summer-like weather for an extended period of time across New York State.

Looking ahead to the month of May, the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a warmer and a bit drier May for much of the state.


Starting out in Western New York. The average temperature for the month is expected to be around 61 degrees which is around 3 degrees warmer than normal. It will also be a bit drier as the precipitation is expected to be lower than normal for parts of the area.

May 1-4 Sunny, very warm
May 5-8 Showers, cooler
May 9-13 Sunny, mild
May 14-23 Rainy, cool
May 24-27 Sunny, warm
May 28-31 T-storms, warm
May temperature 61° (2° above avg.)
precipitation 3" (avg. east, 2" below west)

Looking at Central New York, the Old Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a slightly warmer and wetter May. The average temps will be around 62 degrees which is one degree warmer than normal. The same goes for the amount of precipitation.

May 1-5 Sunny north, rainy south; very warm
May 6-11 Showers north, sunny south; mild
May 12-21 Rainy periods; mild, then chilly
May 22-31 Showers, warm
May temperature 62° (1° above avg.)
precipitation 5" (1" above average)


Out in the Eastern part of New York State, Much warmer weather is expected throughout the month. Experts are looking at highs that are around 4 degrees warmer than normal with precipitation also above normal for the month.

May 1-4 Sunny, warm
May 5-16 Scattered showers, mild
May 17-18 Heavy rain, cool
May 19-24 Rainy, mild
May 25-28 Sunny, warm
May 29-31 Isolated t-storms, mild
May temperature 61° (4° above avg.)
precipitation 4.5" (1" above average.)

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Down in New York City, the Old Farmer's Almanac is calling for a warm and wet May. Both the average temperature and the amount of precipitation is expected to be more than normal.

May 1-4 Sunny, warm
May 5-10 Showers, then sunny; warm
May 11-15 Showers, then sunny; mild
May 16-31 Showers; chilly, then mild
May temperature 66° (3° above avg.)
precipitation 5" (1.5" above average.)

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