Enjoy the nice weather this week while you can here in the 716. As they always say the weather can change in just a couple of minutes. It looks like you will have to grab the snow shovel and gloves as cold weather and lake-effect snow are on the way to start the month of November.


Some parts of Western New York could see as much as 4 inches of lake effect snow starting on Wednesday, November 1st and it looks like the chance of snow continues for the rest of the latter half of next week.

This early snow will also put Buffalo in the early lead for the "Golden Snowball" award, which is given out to the New York town that gets the most snow during the winter. Last year, Buffalo took home the crown with 133.6 inches which doubled any other major town's total.

Syracuse has the 2nd most snow last year with 65.6 inches.

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You can see the final snow totals for the Golden Snowball award HERE.

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