Where is the snow? That is the question that a lot of Western New Yorkers have been asking themselves this winter.

An El Nino weather system has brought some warm and mild temperatures to the 716 and because of that the region has been in a snow drought for much of the winter.

On average, Buffalo has around 85 inches of snow. So far this winter, Buffalo has received only 61 inches of snow. Almost two feet below the average.


Last year Western New York dealt with several snow storms and at this time there was over 121 inches of snow in the area.

It does look like we are not quite done with the snow just yet here in Western New York.
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As we head into the first day of Spring next week, it looks like we could see some snow to start the new season.

Even being 20 + inches below the normal average, Buffalo is still leading the race for the Golden Snowball this year. Check out the latest totals HERE.

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