The latest winter weather prediction is out from the National Weather Service and it is quite shocking for New York State.

If you are a lover of a cold and snowy winter you might be in for a shock based on the latest weather models and the National Weather Service's prediction for the winter months here in New York.

Their latest prediction is calling for mild and dry weather for much of the winter across the state.

Of course, we all know that living near two of the Great Lakes brings a higher chance of isolated lake-effect snow storms, so while this prediction is calling for mild and dry there is always a chance of major snowstorms popping up along the lakes.

We had two major storms hit parts of Western and Northern New York last year that were caused by lake-effect conditions.

But overall due to the the current El Nino, it looks like winter across New York will be much milder and drier than in the past several years.

Historic Snow Storm Hits Buffalo

A historic snowstorm slammed into Western New York on Friday and continues to bring snow to all areas across the region.

Gallery Credit: Dave fields

Check out some other predictions for our winter here in New York.


The Old Farmer's Almanac is calling for a much cooler winter this year compared to last year. The "El Nino" that has formed in the Pacific will bring a change in the weather across New York compared to last year.

There are indications that an El Niño (an unusually high-water temperature off the Pacific Coast of South America), will be brewing in the latter half of 2023, lasting into the winter of 2024. If we consider that alongside our tried-and-true forecast formula, it means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice.


Direct Weather is also calling for a much cooler and snowier winter than last year here in New York. Check out this video that shows more precipitation and below-average temperature across New York State.


The website is calling for lots of snow from November all the way through April in Western New York. According to the site, there is a good chance of "Winter Storm" conditions in November before coming back down to more normal averages of snow in December and January.

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Hopefully, the snow will be more spread out than the two monster snow storms that impacted parts of New York last winter.

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Check out some photos from the Thanksgiving and Christmas snowstorms that hit New York State.

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The wet and heavy lake effect snowstorm pelted the area, making traveling impossible. Flights were canceled at Buffalo-Niagara Airport, causing headaches for travelers heading into the Thanksgiving holiday week. Driving bans are in effect in multiple WNY counties, making it illegal for employers to require their workers to commute.

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