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A couple had to pay more than $2,000 for an apartment they never rented thanks to an emoji.


The couple contacted a landlord they found online about an apartment.
During their text conversations, the couple used various smiley faces, as well as other emojis like a champagne bottle and a peace sign. Because of this, the landlord thought the couple was sincerely interested and took his property off the market.


When they backed out, he took them to court for the month's rent he lost. And a judge ruled he had every right to do so. "Although this message did not constitute a binding contract between the parties, this message naturally led to the Plaintiff's great reliance on the defendants' desire to rent his apartment," The judge said in his ruling.


You Decide...Should emojis be legally binding for contracts?


You Decide...Should emojis be legally binding for contracts?

Yes..It is 2018 and People use emojis all the time
No way...you need a written Yes or No

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