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Here is today's judgment zone story:

A school in Delaware had a typo on thier SAT test where some kids has 25 minutes to finish a section while other students only had 20 minuts to finish.
To make the test fair for all kids, the school district decided not to count the section in the final score.

One set of parents were upset and decided to school the school district claming that thier child wasted thier time on the section while studying and on the test day.
They sued for an undisclosed amount of money and for a refund on the SAT test claiming the student doesn't have time to re-take the test and wasted personal time studying for something that didn't count.


You Decide...Should of Parents and Student get a settlement or was the school district right in just waiving that portion of the test?


Should The Parents and Student Get A Settlement?

Yes..The Student's time was wasted
No..The School Board was Right
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