Over the weekend I found myself in a situation that might be semi controversial. I was out to brunch with a friend at a popular spot near my home.


We were sitting at our table when we began to hear our server walking table to table asking if anyone drove a specific type of vehicle. The gentleman seated at the table next to us responded stating the vehicle belonged to him. "What's the problem?" he asked to which the sever responded that someone was outside next to his vehicle very upset he had a dog locked up inside.  The gentleman stood up from his table and left to attend to the situation outside, seeming very annoyed.


It was VERY COLD outside, around 19 degrees outside to be exact! When the gentleman returned inside to his table moments later, he loudly spoke saying "GOD, you can't leave your dog in a car anywhere these days!". Our server then offered the gentleman the option to bring his dog into the restaurant in an area the dog could stay warm. The man refused and seemed very inconvenienced by the offer.


At this point my friend and I, both being dog lovers were super bothered by the situation. My friend decided to interact with the table and voice her opinion. After several minutes of disagreement over the treatment of the animal the gentleman finally decided to bring the dog inside.


Should my friend have voiced her opinion while in this environment? I believe she was completely in the right! What do you think?


Either way a reminder that leaving your dog outside this winter in the cold is illegal! If you see it you should report it!

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