Get ready for extremely frigid temperatures, dipping into the negatives, all across New York State this weekend. Governor Hochul issued a warning to New Yorkers and instructed emergency services to be ready for the freezing temperatures.

Wind chill warnings are in effect from 7 p.m. Friday through 4 p.m. Saturday with wind chill values expected to drop as low as -20 degrees across Western New York and -40 degrees in the North Country and along Lake Ontario. Low temperatures will range from 10 to -20 degrees across the state.

In addition to the cold, massive amounts of snow could be dumped across the state Sunday evening and last into Monday. The National Weather Service issued a massive number of wind chill and winter storm warnings for counties all over New York. Gov. Hochul wants residents to be ready,

"New Yorkers should prepare now for a serious blast of arctic air tonight and Saturday. Temperatures and wind chill values like these can be both dangerous and damaging, so limit your exposure and layer-up if you must venture outside, especially our Bills fans in Orchard Park Saturday night. Our state's Emergency Operations Center is also monitoring the forecast for a possible snowstorm that could hit Sunday night and last into Monday, and we stand ready to assist local governments should they need help."

The Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in New York State is Brutally Low

The lowest temperature ever recorded in NYS was not that long ago (climatologically speaking). On February 18, 1979, the National Weather Service station in Old Forge, recorded a temperature -52°F. Old Forge is located in northern New York, between Syracuse and Albany,

Old Forge is “Adirondack Base Camp” for visitors who launch out near and far seeking everything from serenity to adventure. It is the largest hamlet in historic Town of Webb, which includes Eagle Bay, Big Moose and Stillwater. From here, you can explore the Central Adirondack region and all of the Adirondack Park.

Most Snowfall in 24-Hours
On February 1, 1966, the National Weather Service station in Camden recorded 50 inches of snowfall within a 24-hour period. Camden is located just northeastof Oneida Lake, between Syracuse and Utica.

Deepest Depth of Snow
On April 20, 1943 a snow depth of 119 inches (9.91667 feet) was recorded by the National Weather Service station in Whiteface Mountain, which is located in the northeast portion of the state, near Vermont.

If you were around in Old Forge when the temperature dropped to -52°F, you might have wished you were in Troy on July 22, 1926, when the hottest temperature on record was 108°F.

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