If you own a cell phone and live in Erie County, New York, your phone will go off this morning at 9 am. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that the county will be sending out a message regarding the Winter Storm this weekend to all cell phones in the county at 9 am this morning using the FEMA Public warning system.

The United States government tested out the system last year and sent an alert to all cell phones across the county at the same time last year.


The system is used to send out important information promptly to all cell phone users. If you live in Eire County and have a cell phone you will automatically get the message. You don't have to do anything and you cannot turn the feature off.

A massive Winter Storm is coming into the area this weekend. Several feet of snow is expected to impact the region over the next 48-72 hours.

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Most government officials are advising that if you don't have to travel this weekend, stay home.


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