The Snow is coming this weekend to parts of New York State.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo, New York released their new predictions for snowfall totals across Western and Nothern New York, and over two feet of snow could come down in a very short time frame.

The biggest area of impact will be right near Buffalo, New York. The lake effect snow band is set to set right near the Buffalo metro and there could be feet not inches of snow this weekend.

What makes this even worse is that strong gusty winds are also expected this weekend that could turn the snowy conditions into blizzard-like conditions.

Western New York was the epicenter of two major lake effect snow storms last year. One right before Thanksgiving and one near Christmas.

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So far, Western New York has been spared a ton of snow this winter. After a very mild December, it looks like winter is back in one of the snowiest cities in America.

As of this writing, Buffalo has only received 13.5 inches of snow for the entire winter. They could double that amount this weekend.

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