It's that time of's cold and flu season.  There's one going around Western New York right now.  So what is your sure-fire method to get rid of one?

We had a long-drawn-out conversation at the dinner table the other day debating which was better, to have a nasty flu for a day, or a lingering cold for 4 days?  I would argue that the cold is worse.

I can't stand the runny nose and the watery eyes and the feeling like you're going to sneeze for days on end - only to never get that release.  Your stomach gets nauseous from swallowing whatever it is that you're sniffling up.  Your nose gets raw from blowing it.

Long story, short - having a cold stinks!

When we were kids, you went to school if you had a cold.  You didn't miss school unless you were throwing up or on your deathbed.  Those were your two choices.  But mom always had a way to make that cold go away, or at least get a little less intense while you sat in class.  She would set you up with some cold medicine in the morning and a little "single-serve" packet of tissues and send you on your way.

We know now that that's not a good way to take care of it...but some of the methods she used definitely seemed to work.  Whether they were doctor-approved or not is a whole different conversation.

So I asked you on facebook...what were the cold remedies that your mom used for you when you were a kid?

There were some good ones in there!  Remember, nobody is claiming to be a doctor here.  Please consult your doctor before trying any of these methods.  Here are a list of some of them:

11 Cold Remedies That Some People Think Are Myths

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan


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