The heatwave continues across the Empire State this week.

Another heat advisory has been issued for much of New York State for Tuesday. We could see temperatures reach into the upper 80s with the heat index reaching into the 90s.

A heat advisory has also been issued for New York City for today and Wednesday. According to the city's website, Cooling centers will be open to those who need them

A heat advisory has been issued for Tuesday, September 5, and Wednesday, September 6. High heat is possible on Thursday, September 7 as well. Conditions will be hot and humid, with temperatures in the low to mid 90s, and heat indices in the mid to upper 90s. Temperatures will start to fall on Friday, September 8.

Cooling centers will be open starting Tuesday morning, September 5. Cooling centers are public spaces like libraries where you can go to beat the heat. Even a few hours in air conditioning can help prevent heat illness.

To find your nearest cooling center click HERE

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The good news is that after the next 48-72 of extreme heat, a major cooldown is on the way across the state. We could see the high temperatures drop by 10 or more degrees heading into the weekend.

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