It has been a dry start to our summer here in New York...How Dry? Dry enough that our lawn looks yellow because I can't water it enough.

There is some good news. Rain is on the way. It won't be a ton of rain, but enough to help crops, plants, trees, and yes your lawn,

The majority of the heavy rain will come through central New York and up into Albany. West of the Captial in Buffalo and Rochester, there will be just a marginal risk of severe weather with up to a half-inch of rain possible.

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From Central New York up to the Northeast border, there will be a big risk of severe weather including rain, thunderstorms, and possible hail.

The National Weather Service is warning of a slight risk for severe thunderstorms across most of eastern New York and western New England on Tuesday. A frontal system will bring scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms to the area, mainly during the afternoon into the early evening hours. Damaging wind gusts would be the primary threat from these storms.

The good news is that we should see that rain move out of the area by Thursday morning and we are looking for a pretty nice weekend. We can expect to see a mix of sun and clouds heading into Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We could see some more rain and thunderstorms move back across the region on Sunday evening.

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