With our Buffalo wind-chills, and expectations of high winds over the next few days, what the heck do we do to protect our skin?

Scotland Battered By Storm Erik
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Found a bunch of tips from a health site called Our Everyday Life. 

1) Use a moisturizer, even those with sunscreen, my mom swears by Vaseline and they did in the article too:

Apply petroleum jelly to your skin to protect it from harsh wind. This locks the moisture inside and acts as a barrier against drying and burning wind gusts. You can also use petroleum jelly to soothe your skin after you've already gotten windburn.

2)  Scarves are so Audrey Hepburn, so go for it, and wrap that face  ;-)

3)  Don't forget to moisturize your hands, even if you are wearing gloves.  It's sort of like a mini-spa treatment.

4)  Always wear a hat that covers the ears, ear skin is thin, and yep ages quickly.


5)  When you come inside from the cold, let your body warm-up naturally.  If you go right to the fireplace the extreme can really stress skin, and that means aging.


6)  Lastly, as always drink water, your body loves it, and it helps keep skin hydrated.


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