If you grew up loving Swiss Chalet here in Western New York, and you're missing it now, a local Buffalo Restaurant is going to try to bring that taste to you.

They're called The Black Sheep Restaurant and you'll find them at 367 Connecticut Street in Buffalo.

They grew up on Swiss Chalet Food, like most of us.  The chicken...the ribs...the sauce!

But now that the border is closed and all of the Swiss Chalet Restaurants in the US have closed their doors, it's nearly impossible to get.

That is...until now.  For a limited time, The Black Sheep Restaurant plans to bring you food that is modeled after the recipes that you remember from Swiss Chalet, or at least as close as we can get.


Steve and Ellen Gedra are the award winning chefs at The Black Sheep and they are teaming up with Jeff and the team at Nickel City Smokers to bring you that Swiss Chalet flavor starting on August 16th.

The Black Sheep is only open on the weekends and you will need a reservation to get a table.  They do practice social distancing and will require that you wear a mask when you aren't seated.  But they do have indoor and outdoor seating available.

Sound good?  Check out their menu then make your reservation.

The Black Sheep

367 Connecticut Ave

Buffalo, NY 14213



Monday - Thursday:Closed
Friday:5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday:11:00 am - 2:00 pm
The Sheep Chalet event will start on August 16th.  Keep an eye out for further information on this event.

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