New York is one of the most expensive places to live in North America. The cost of living across the Empire State is astronomical compared to other places around the United States. While those costs vary wildly between places like New York City, Syracuse, and Buffalo, they are still higher than many other locations.

That shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise, as we've seen record price increases due to inflation and supply shortages since the onset of the pandemic. It just seems that things have just gotten crazy over the last few years.

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Those increases aren't isolated to New York but are happening everywhere, including places like the Greater Toronto Area. However, things in Toronto have increased so much that one New Yorker who used to live in the GTA recently visited home and was shocked by how expensive things have gotten in the 416.

After a recent trip to Southern Ontario, TikToker garrettfromgoldies asks a simple question: "What the hell is going on in Canada right now?"

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This is a valid question, as the cost of living in Toronto increased nearly 60% in just one year alone, and it doesn't seem to be going back down anytime soon.

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Things on the housing front in Toronto have become so bad that prices have increased more than 170% over the last ten years.

While places like Buffalo are poised to have the hottest housing market in North America, Toronto seems like a great place to visit; we just can't afford to live there.

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