In WNY, we know our casual food.

From Duff's to Ted's to Anderson's and Jim's Steakout and a million in between....we do it up!

BUT there are SOME places we DON'T have (yet)...and we're willing to travel to for greasy, fattening, comforting, delicious guilty pleasures.

A Chick-fil-A logo is seen on a take out
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Right before Christmas, we heard a Chick-Fil-A may be opening in Greece, NY (near Rochester).

I've never had Chick-Fil-A, but I know lots of people who SWEAR it's the best chicken on Earth.  Eric has actually made the pilgrimage to the nearest location -- in Erie -- three different times, just for the sandwiches.

We opened it up and asked how far you've traveled for that fast-food-ish hankering.  We were blown away!

Julie / E. Aurora:  Long John Silvers for the chicken planks, hush puppies and crumbs. I find one in every city I travel too. Orlando. Richmond. The closest one here is in Batavia. I've gone to Erie too

Janet / Lancaster : My daughter gets me to go with her to Swiss Chalet in Canada a couple times a month. We went a day after Christmas because I gave her a gift certificate as a gift. Mind you, we made rotisserie chicken for Christmas in our Showtime rotisserie.

Lynn / NT: My daughter and I drive about an hour and 20 minutes from North Tonawanda to Barker to go to Pizza Wings and Things in Barker for lunch. They have the best food especially their pizza

Abbey / Williamsville: Traveled to JIMMY Z's in Brockport. Local amazing guys who own it. Garbage plates with hot sauce!

Kym / Depew: I have traveled to Erie for chick fil a!! We also travel to Erie for steak and shake

Shari / East Aurora: I've driven to Rochester to get a chocolate torte cake from Jacksons Bakery

Susie / Lackawana: Mabels.Cleveland

Lynn / Boston: Yes been to Erie for chick fil a and Krispy Kreme. Also been to Ahstabula, Ohio for Waffle House.

Lisa: Erie for 5 guys before they moved here and Rochester for Dinosaur before they moved here

Sandy / Tonawanda: I have driven to Cleveland Ohio to go to Corky and Lenny's for a corn beef sandwich. Google it and see why.



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