If you have road trips plans for the summer, might want to think about an emergency kit.  But, should the car be the only place?  And what exactly should you have?

First aid kit. Vector illustration

Well, Los Angeles Times Newspaper talked with Helen Chavez, assistant director with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, and she offered these tips.

we should all have three emergency kits — one next to the bed, one in our car and one at our workplace....That may not be possible in all cases, but many survival items are inexpensive and sometimes “extras” are already lying around our homes, so you might start by shopping your junk drawers and garage.

Here are five items she listed we should dig around for, or buy: paper, pencils, a hefty roll of duct tape and some strong cord, a pack of glow sticks and flashlights with extra batteries.

Chavez also recommends

using basic backpacks for emergency kits because they’re easy to grab and go. “They don’t have to be anything special,” she said. “Just simple ones like you use for school.”

The article goes on to suggest,

"Start now, check a few things off your list each week — enough food and water per person for three days, a grab-and-go supply of necessities such as daily medications and pet food, a stack of cash in small denominations, an envelope containing important paperwork you don’t want to leave behind "

Drive safely!

Here's a list of cool New York state area road trips, btw.

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