If you've got a first date this week, this might help you land a second one.

Survey says...these are the biggest turn-offs on a first date:

  • showing up late
  • using your phone too much
  • not looking like your online dating profile pic
  • talking too much without asking questions

A quarter of men say taking pictures of food/drinks to post to social media is unacceptable, while 15% of women say the same.


Regardless of age or gender, If your date is a loud chewer who is on their phone the entire time, it’s safe to say there won’t be a second date.

All the survey results can be found here.

Loud chewers...I can remember my sisters and brother complaining about chewing at the breakfast table, as it there weren't other things that were more important at the time.

So if you have a first date this week, show up on time and lose the smartphone.

(You Gov)


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