Wow! Tell us how you really feel. One town in Western New York has landed on the list of the 40 worst places to visit in New York State. put together the list, which includes cities like Miami, Chicago, and Las Vegas. But one small town in WNY has made the list.

While the United States is obviously home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and exciting places in the world, there are still some places that… aren’t so beautiful. That’s because there are some places that exist that have less-than-stellar conditions for visiting, such as poverty, high crime rates, and unemployment. Other areas are just not all that exciting, despite having a name that’s “known,” or in many cases, a well-known celebrity just happened to grow up there.

Why Did One WNY City Make The List Of Worst Places To Visit?

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Niagara Falls, New York Came In #23 On The List

Niagara Falls is an amazing natural wonder right in the backyard of Buffalo and right across from Canada, so why is it on the list of the worst places in America to visit? According to, there isn't much to do in the falls other than check out the falls.

Niagara Falls is beautiful… so beautiful that 30 million people per year descend upon the attraction for a chance to get wet in the falls. It’s also known as the “honeymoon capital of the world,” with the first couple to do so being former VP Aaron Burr and his wife, Theodosia. While the Falls might be quite a sight, there just isn’t much else to do in the area.


Fun Things To Do In And Near Niagara Falls, New York

By Yasmin Young
By Yasmin Young

While I kind of agree with the sentiment, I don't believe Niagara Falls should be on the list. Yes, the Town of Niagara Falls, NY, isn't quite as fun-filled as Niagara Falls, Canada, there is still stuff to do in the area.

- The Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, not only offers gambling but has several restaurants, a nightclub, live bands, MMA fighting, concerts, a spa, and more. You can spend several days in the casino alone.
- Niagara Falls offers tons of opportunities to get out and enjoy the water (weather permitting, of course).
- There are the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls USA where you can spend the day shopping.
- Artpark, located in Lewiston, hosts tons of concerts.
- Visitors can check out the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center to learn about the journey many slaves and free Black people made to attain freedom.
- The Lockport Cave is a 30-minute drive from the falls.
- Visit a winery, there are quite a few in the area.
- Go to the beach or hiking at Beaver Island State Park.
- Niagara Falls Adventure Park has zip lines.

I mean, come on, the list above doesn't even include fun things to do in Buffalo, which is a 30-minute drive from the falls. The author of the list was just being lazy, in my opinion!

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