Now stop what you are doing for a minute and think.  What are some of the things you feel you don't get enough of ?  You can think in the abstract if you want or just think of material things.  Here are some of the things "most-mentioned" in an SWNS Digital Post in no necessary order:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Fun
  • Fresh Air
  • Peace and quiet at work

Researchers have revealed the top 40 things adults could do with more of which also includes exercise, sunlight and Instagram likes.

Others believe their life is lacking disposable income, enough hours in the day and good television shows.


Can you come up with more?  Like Days Off, Time with your kids, Do-overs...alone time. Some of the things you come up with may be reachable with better planning. Check out the list of the Top 40 things here.

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