Where were you five years ago, this weekend?  If you were in Western New York, you were in the midst of a major winter storm, now called 'Snowvember.'

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Midwest And East Coast Hit With Major Snowstorm
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Seven feet of snow fell in most of the region, according to Channel 4. 

Motorists were stranded on the highways; buildings collapsed under the weight of the snow.  The Ralph Wilson Stadium, as New Era Field was known then, was left buried in snow, and the Bills had to play a home game in Detroit.   The National Guard even had to come in to help.  The storm has been blamed for fourteen deaths, including two people who trapped in their cars who died while waiting for help to arrive.


Yet, adds Channel 4,

In the midst of the tragedy, Snowvember also brought new life, with several babies delivered at Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo. At least one baby was born outside the hospital, too. Nurses delivered the newborn at a fire station up the street.  And, nine months later, there was another baby boom.

Tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m., News 4 is devoting their full newscast to the Snowvember stories.

The Snowvember babies are some of many reminders of that epic storm that left so much damage, but brought community members so much closer together as they united to cleanup and dig out.


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