It's always customary (or at least, just really nice) to let someone know if they've got something stuck in their teeth (just ask Katy Perry).  I always let someone know if there's something on their face, or if their lipstick is smeared.

Which is why I just can't understand this new "trend".

Not that either of us are exactly the authority on the fashion world, but neither Eric nor I can get behind this.

They're calling it "lollipop lipstick", and apparently it's all the rage, at least for the folks with MAC Cosmetics.  I suppose the idea is to give you the flirty, puffy, bee-stung lip effect.

But to me, it just looks like you've been drinking Kool-Aid with the kids for the past 3 days and haven't washed your face.

If I went out with this, I'd be looking over my shoulder for my mom, spitting on a tissue and smudging it on my face (mom's will do this until the end of time. There's even a product called "Mom Spit". True story.)

It kind of looks like you've got a cold, and your lips are all chapped. If that's the "trend", Buffalo is ALWAYS on point.  We've got chapped lips 10 months a year here!

We've gotten behind some pretty silly trends in our time.  Mullets?  Jorts? Layered scrunchies?  Teased bangs? Hammer pants?  Banana clips?  (Yes, we fully realize some of these have made a big comeback in recent months...)  But this one?  I don't know if I can get behind it.




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