The record-breaking warmth we had across New York State earlier this week is officially over and another round of snow is headed our way.

Several different cities in New York set new record high temperatures earlier this week.

Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse all re-wrote the record books at the start of the week.


That is now about to change. Hopefully, you didn't put away your snow shovels just yet. A cold front is set to move across the area today and tomorrow and it will bring snow with it to parts of New York.

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Starting out in Western New York, there is a good chance that there will be over a half foot of snow before the end of the day on Sunday.

In Central New York, snow is in the forecast for Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Binghamton.

Downstate in New York City, it will be more rain and sleet than snow as the temperatures will stay above freezing.

The good news is that this cold front is pretty fast moving and we should be back to normal and above-average temperatures by mid-week.

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