Canada will become the 2nd nation in the world to legalize Marijuana on a national level this week.

On Wednesday, October 17th, according to Bill C-45, Canada will legalize marijuana across the what does that mean for us in the States?

1. It is illegal to bring Marijuana into the United States. According to customs agents, while you may be able to legally purchase marijuana in Canada, crossing the border and returning to the states with legally purchased marijuana is absolutely illegal and not advised.

2. It won't be available everywhere. Currently, when the new law goes into effect, fewer than 200 government-run shops in the country will sell marijuana.

3. The national law says anyone over 18 can buy marijuana, but some provinces have increased that age limit to 19 or 21. It will be up to the local governments to decide the age.

4. The use of marijuana in public space is technically legal everywhere except where smoking is banned.

5. The new bill only allows the sale of dried cannabis and cannabis oil only. Edibles will not be for sale for at least east another year or two.

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