Melody's daughter is so cute and thoughtful! She made a card for Justin Timberlake and we want you to sign it too!


It really stinks that Justin had to reschedule his concert on Sunday. As a vocalist, I know how frustrating it can be to heal your bruised vocal chords. The guy sings an average of 38 songs per night. Though it stinks, we want to wish him well.

Melody's daughter, Amber came up with a great idea... She wanted to give him a card  to make him feel better and to get well soon. The date was rescheduled to December 19th. We will give Justin the card then.

We will be out Tuesday, October 30th at

Tops Friendly Markets

2102 Elmwood Ave

in Buffalo

Come out and grab a pumpkin and sign the card for Justin Timberlake. Let's make him never cancel a Buffalo date again and wish him some healing vibes. We are the city of good neighbors, so let's wish Justin Timberlake a speedy recovery.


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