Calling all "hot mess" moms -- you're not alone.

Florida mom and blogger, Nikki Pennington, is getting a lot of attention for a post she made on Facebook, which shows the messy interior of her car.


Oh girl, I feel ya.

I'm also that mom who has to retrieve food wrappers and plastic bottles that come tumbling out any time I dare open the passenger door; making excuses as to why I can't give a someone a ride, because I don't have 30 minutes to clear off the passenger side of my Subaru.

Don't believe me? Here's proof:


So when I saw Ms. Pennington's post being shared around Facebook today, my first thought call THAT a mess? Ha!

I wondered what about her post that caught so much attention -- and I think it's because we're so used to seeing sanitized, well-curated images of perfection on social media, that when we see reality, it's jarring.

Mom-ing is hard, my car will likely never be all that clean. But truth time -- car car has never been clean! Because, going to college while working full-time is hard; working two jobs is hard; dude, cleaning is hard.

Reality isn't always pretty. And you can try to make a buzzword like "hot mess mom" happen, or you can realize, our lives are much different than what we usually choose to share on social media.

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